Boston Kiln

Design Services

Boston Kiln Sale's & Service, Inc. will help you plan and design a safe, efficient and healthy work space based on your budget and creative needs. We'll advise on space configuration, room dimension, proper clearances for code, electrical, ventilation & exhaust requirements.  Each should be considered prior to room construction or equipment purchase. Avoid costly mistakes - call us first.

  • We work with Architects, Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Schools & Private Clients
  • Advise on studio equipment layout, room dimension 
  • Recommend electrical power requirements and locations 
  • Offer guidance for vent and exhaust sytems including sizing & location requirements 
  • Trade coordination and building control systems integration
  • Call us at 617-926-1802 or email us to set up an on-site or office consultation

Installation Services


Complete installation services are available for all kilns, ventilation systems and equipment purchased through Boston Kiln Sales & Service, Inc. or from other sources. We can move, relocate or reposition your equipment - safely and damage free. 

Repair Services

We are the service representative of choice in the area for most major kiln manufacturers. We offer complete repair services for all makes and models of gas & electric kilns as well as pottery & ceramic equipment. 

  • Troubleshoot gas and electric kilns & equipment
  • Replace worn or damaged electronic and electrical components including relays, thermocouple & elements
  • Kiln structure repair, including firebrick, jacket, substructure and chamber access door
  • Ventilation systems
  • Pottery equipment repair including potter's wheels, slab rollers & pug mills

Maintenance Services

Regular, or preventative maintenance of your kilns & equipment helps avoid untimely breakdowns and kiln fatique.

  • Inspect all electrical components including relays, thermocouple & elements
  • Inspect wiring for heat fatigue and terminal deterioration
  • Verify service voltage
  • Inspect & calibrate kiln safety devices
  • Inspect kiln ventilation and verify effectiveness
  • Inspect firebrick and kiln skin
  • Vacuum kiln with a HEPA vacuum
  • Gas kiln burner and pilot flame calibration