Boston Kiln

Boston Kiln Sales & Service, Inc. works with Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers and other design professionals. Contact us early in your project planning phase for guidance on designing an area to locate a kiln for schools and other institutions. We'll help you design areas for kiln installation that are safe, efficient and user friendly, including :

  • Turnkey Installations
  • Electrical requirements
  • Ventilation systems for removal of hazardous fumes and noxious odors
  • Working with sprinkler systems
  • Proper clearances
  • Room exhaust to control working environment & prevent premature wear of electrical components
  • Wall & flooring materials
  • Kiln size & voltage based on client use and needs
  • Firebrick thickness options
  • Contol panel options
  • BTU ratings for use in calculating air conditioning and ventilation requirements